Some tips for the Nokton Classic 35mm f/1.4 on the Nex body

This is just a brief post on focusing the Nokton lens on a Nex body and shutter priority for short exposure times. I made the experience that for example focussing on infinity depends on the aperture and is somewhat shifted. Just putting the focus mark on infinity does not fly – there is some overfocusing. This is not the classical focus shift however. So here are a few numbers to keep in mind:

Focusing on infinity:

f/1.4 -> move focus marker on left o of the infinity mark
f/2.8 -> move right depth of field marker for f/2.8 on left o of the infinity mark
f/8 -> move right depth of field marker for f/5.6 on left o of the infinity mark

Also what works great for street photography is f/8 and putting the focus marker on 2.5m.

Another thing that annoyed me is that in medium light situation the body tends to keep iso low as long as the exposure time is at least 1/30 which can easily lead to blurry images. However I found a great trick to circumvent this -> shutter priority. At first this seems to be pointless as the aperture cannot be changed by the camera. But that is exactly the point: the camera regulates the exposure value by adjusting the ISO sensitivity. So more precisely, when it is extremely light, use your favorite aperture. As it is light enough, there is no need to worry about too long exposure times. Similarly, if it is too dark there is nothing to worry at all as the exposure time will be long anyways. However in medium light situation, go to shutter priority and choose e.g., 1/150. As the camera cannot adjust the aperture it adjust the ISO setting to maintain the short exposure time.


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