The challenge – stranger #3

Today I did not even plan for shooting the next stranger. I just wanted to pick up the electronic viewfinder for my Nex-5n. I was so amazed with the one of the Nex-7 so that I was clear when I returned it that I had to get the EVF for the Nex-5n. While it looks rather bad on the Nex-5n it works extremely well. Will review it soon.

So on the way back we passed these security guards and my wife told me that this would have been a great shot for my strangers project and challenged me. So I went back for a shot. One of the two felt a bit uncomfortable so that I really kept it brief. The other one was quite comfortable and actually moved the mic to the shoulder pad.

The challenge - stranger #3

Taken with Leica Summicron 35mm @ f2.0 on Sony Nex-5n. Processed with the Lightroom 4 Beta.

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