Just arrived in Valparaiso, Chile

I just arrived in Valparaiso, Chile and went out, browsing the streets for a couple of shots. Here are some first impressions. The city is extremely colorful.


















146 thoughts on “Just arrived in Valparaiso, Chile

  1. Funny. I’m an expat Santiago and my husband is from Valpo so we go there all the time to visit family. I know most of the places in your photos 😉 Valpo is quite photogenic. How long will you be in Chile?

  2. Woo im from Chile, my country is very beatiful.

    I recommend traveling on the south, Chiloe, Frutillar, Dichato, Lebu, Puerto Montt, Temuco, Chaiten, etc …

    Everything is very beautiful: D

    Try the “Sopaipillas” and “Cazuelas de Pollo” and “cazuelas de vacuno”, the richer is “sanguche de potito”

    Do well, walk carefully and remember to not be so confident, but people are of the most friendly out there.

  3. Makes me want to be there right now. That, or go out and REALLY paint my town! Gorgeous, glad to have a chance to see them on FP!

  4. Me encanta saber que amaste Valparaíso… Yo soy de Valpo… y cada día doy gracias de estar aquí viviendo¡¡

  5. I live in Brazil and still haven’t been anywhere else in Latin America, shame on me!!! Chile, Peru, Argentina and Mexico are definitely on my list, though. Hope to go there before I die – if I don’t, at least I’ve seen pictures 😛

  6. Oh, how I love the color that abounds in these shots! And the graffiti is just as colorful. I love, love the sign that says “Chocolat Cafe”! How utterly gorgeous! 🙂

  7. Thanks for sharing these and showing the colors of Valparaiso. I almost moved to Chile several years ago to teach, but that fell through and I’ve forgotten about Valparaiso until seeing these images. Thanks for fueling the wanderlust. The street art and hilly streets are particularly attractive!

  8. Of all places; we’ve just read The Killer’s Tears by AL Bondoux in English class, which just happens to have a character from Valparaiso! “Extremely colorful” wasn’t a bad description for the city based on your photos, I must say. They’re lovely and I especially love those vinyl records! 🙂

  9. cool! but you know, b&w’s of these would look just as amazing (:
    In BsAs now, will be in Chile in the second half of this year. Really excited.. but also trying not to get ahead of myself too much!
    happy travels

  10. South America with a camera. Two thing’s I’ve been trying to do for years. Super jealous/impressed. Great work!

  11. Love your pictures. I have travelled in Chile and it is the most beautiful, fascinating country. A sense of pride amongst the people and the best food & wine I have ever tasted. Great Job!

  12. Valparaiso looks awesome. I wish I had of gone. After seeing your colourful pics I think it’s on the cards next time

  13. Hey! I really love those pictures. I can tell that you really caught the happy atmosphere Valparaiso has.
    I’m from Chile and I’d like to advice you to go and visit Cachagua and/or Maitencillo. They are beautiful places located quite near Valparaiso.
    I hope you are having fun.

  14. This reminds me a lot of the colors you see in Bahamian villages. The bright blue is very Greek. And I have to say, the picture of the dog is what got me. I’m a sucker for the four-footed fiendies.

  15. Very, very nice photos! Like the colours! I visited Valparaiso too some years ago. I was very puzzled about that all the houses have bars before the windows, and I can see this also from your photos.. 🙂

  16. Vibrant color man, this reminds me of my study abroad in Argentina. What kind of camera are you shooting with?


  17. beautiful pictures of chile! i love that you expressed the vibrant culture. I have family in Santiago and have been to Valparaiso a few times. It’s a beautiful place 🙂

  18. these shots are brilliant! everything looks so fresh and vibrant! I’d love to go visit some day. you’ve really captured so much of the place’s atmosphere.
    i bet the light out there must be amazing for photography.

  19. I was only in Valparaiso for a little over a day, but I was immediately impressed by how colorful and picturesque it was, too. Your pictures make me want to go back!

  20. i live in Santiago ( Capital of Chile) with my GF, every month we go a weekend to Valparaiso-viña. There are many cultural and historical things to do in that city…

  21. I arrived Chile last December 2011 and visited Valparaiso a week after. I decided to live in Chile for many reason. Yes indeed very colorful and interesting place to visit in Chile.

    Btw, you have a great photos! Thank you for sharing.

    Enjoy your stay in Chile.

  22. Spot on with this write-up, I absolutely feel this site needs much more attention. I’ll probably be returning to read through more, thanks for the info!

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