The magic of black-and-white

With rumors spreading that Leica is going to announce a new M on May, 10th with a black-and-white only sensor I was very much reminded of the magic of black-and-white. So I took my Nex-5n together with the Leica Summicron 35mm and went out shooting in downtown Nürnberg today to shot black-and-white. I also developed a new black-and-white preset for Lightroom 4 specifically for the Nex-5n with the Summicron to get deep shadows and very contrasty shots. I mean, it is “black-and-white” and not “gray-in-gray”.

I still do not understand why I am so drawn to black-and-white –  I actually almost exclusively shot my 365 project in black-and-white. So here are a few impressions from today’s walk.

The first one is a cheesy one. I liked the shape of the tiles which were in perfect order and just one butt breaking it.

The next one is mostly one of my personal passions: chairs and tables. why? because it means that you are welcome.

One of the many churches in downtown Nürnberg. I like the texture – it has a lot of contrast.

Nürnberg has a lot of old building which give the city a very unique flair and atmosphere.

This is one of my favorite spots down at the water. So many people enjoying the first sun rays of spring. so many stories.

Of course I had to get a coffee myself however i chose the a different spot further down on one of the bridges. There is a very nice, small coffee and in the summer people are sitting outside on the bridge sipping coffee.

A classic one. Wanted to have a silhouette shot as well…

Later that night. Street, bikes, and lanterns.

And another one of the bikes.

Almost home.




9 thoughts on “The magic of black-and-white

  1. I have to agree. I know nothing about photography but I’ve gotta say, black & white photos have a way of making an image more vivid! It’s my personal opinion that, considering that we apparently only dream in black & white, yet dreams seem incredibly vivid, black & white photos bring our dreams out into reality!Great shots!

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