Just got myself a Leica M6 – Ebay I love you ;-)

I set out to sell some of my old stuff on Ebay today and, as it happens, I started browsing and found a Leica M6 in extremely good condition… half an hour later I won the auction so that my summicron finally gets to do its job on a real Leica. The M6 is one of the last film camera models of Leica (before the M7 and the MP). Except for the light meter the camera can be operated completely without batteries, so that when you do know your business you can even use it anytime, anywhere. Here are some pics of the Leica M6 and some taken with a Leica M6. The first one and the third one show how the M6 together with the 35mm summicron looks like.

Note: None of the pictures below are mine – I found them on flickr and I liked them – that’s why I posted them. If you want to see more of the respective photographers just click on the pictures! 

Leica M6 Rangefinder

Leica M6 Millennium BP

Leica M6 TTL

camera porn - Leica M6 TTL, Konica M Hexanon Limited 50mm f1.2, Luigi finest grade hand sewn case

Tokyo Twilight

memories of green II

resonance : 2009


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