Without words

I have been thinking quite a bit the last days about the impact of “naming” or “describing” photos with words.  While at first it might seem to be helpful because it provides context I started to think more and more that actually the opposite is the case. Naming and describing is a reductionism that removes some of the central elements. It deprives the viewer of the opportunity to explore without prejudice.  The opportunity to discover rather than to reconcile vision with words.

4 thoughts on “Without words

  1. I agree with your post, sometimes I wish I could leave it to the viewer’s interpretation, but most people expect some guidance in the title though…

  2. Good post. I understand your point, but I think descriptions are sometimes helpful to the viewer. I also enjoy the creative ‘Names’ that some folks come up with for their work. Certain shots, however, def speak for themselves!

    • it is really a tough question indeed. for a long time if was absolute believing in it – especially from a “marketing” perspective: how to differentiate the pictures if we they are not even named? On the other hand marketing means giving an idea – precisely then something might get lost. Actually, I am reading a very cool book related to it – and others “art” issues – at the moment. Will write a separate post about it soon.

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