Hannover interlude – part 2

After having had fun with my fisheye yesterday I went out again today for some more panoramic experiments. In particular I wanted to see, up to which extent you can control the bending and you to use it as an element of composition. I guess I am still experimenting but see for yourself. The first one from above was taken from the (new) city hall in Hannover and the one below is actually a picture of the city hall itself.

Below you can see the entrance of the city hall. I was intrigued by the mix of lights – love this yellow and blue touch.

What you can see here is the interior of the lower part of the city hall – pretty amazing I would say.

Another one of the panoramic views from the top of the city hall. However this time in the opposite direction. In the front part you can see the disgusting, old Maritime hotel. This big old grey block,

Viewing platform on top of the city hall – as you can see, there is not a lot of space.

Here is the gallery with some additional shots taken close to the city hall:


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