City Explo[it | r]ation – Beverly Nürnberg

Last week I met with Sugar Ray Banister to explore the Maxfeld area. On Thursday, we went for another walk to the posher areas of Nürnberg – Beverly Nürnberg if you want. We mainly walked around Nürnberg Erlenstegen — Sugar Ray Banister’s shots can be found here. The area of interest is depicted below, above the marker.

So we started with our walk in the more mundane areas where everything is still in perfect order.

A bit of too much uniformity maybe but nice still.

So we slowly but surely entered the posher parts of Erlenstegen. The next one is one of my favorites, because of the isolated, perfectly aligned water hose in front of the building.

And the deeper we entered the area, the more obvious it became that guests are not welcome. Many houses were protected by huge gates, so that one could barely get a glimpse.

More gates – here at least one can see what is behind.

Also parking here is reserved to the higher echelons. Interestingly the word “Penthaus” is not even a real German word but merely an inelegant translation of the english word “Penthouse” – this is how things work in Bavaria unfortunately too often: too arrogant to you the English word and not sophisticated enough to define a real replacement.

So we continued our walk and came across a couple of nice cars. Many older cars with real style – and equally many leased status symbols for the higher mid-level management of some local insurance companies etc. So here are the more stylish ones 😉

Another nice example of some real mojo.

The next car was actually quite special because it was parked in front of a house that was unfinished. But not in the sense that it was still being built but it looked more like the owners ran out of money and just stopped building. Decay destroyed much of the exposed construction site – we will came back to this one later.

The next photo shows one of these extremely ironic situation. This is Porsche GT3 which is quite an expensive car (you will pay in the high 6-figures) but it was parked on the side walk because all the parking spots were taken already; dumped like a piece of trash. We were speculating if the owner invested all the cash in the car and could not afford a garage.

And here we are back to the “unfinished house”. This was really amazing. So the flowers are actually on the unfinished balcony, rail etc still missing. And you can see that the actual structure of the balcony is already heavily decayed – on the inside on the other hand the house looked beautiful. We settled with the theory that the previous owner ran out of cash, it was bought (maybe foreclosure) by the new owners who slowly finish the building. Definitely one of my favorite spots because of its originality.

Also there were some other curiosities hidden deep in the “city of gates”. For example this “house on wheels”. Pretty run down. Just dropped off in front of one of the houses. Maybe this is taking the “location, location, location” real-estate paradigm one step too far.

Here you can see one of the gates protecting a manor behind it from curious eyes. I liked how the Golf was parked in front of it. First of all it looked like taken out of an ad for VW. Also, in Germany we have this sign with a picture of a dog stating “we have to wait outside” (e.g., in front of supermarkets where dogs are not allowed) and we were wondering if the manor here had a similar policy for “inferior” cars.

To complement and complete Beverly Nürnberg two more shots showing different views.


Check out the gallery for more shots.

11 thoughts on “City Explo[it | r]ation – Beverly Nürnberg

  1. Again very nice! It seems that you have more a focus on mobility than I do. And a few times we pretty much had the same view like the one on the plain and boring entrance of picture p7190118.
    I’ll put my pictures from this photowalk later today on my blog. Please take a look! 🙂

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