Downtown Frankfurt – a one day trip

I had some business to do in Frankfurt this week. With some spare time at hand I went out to shoot the city which is so different from Nürnberg. In the center you will find many more high-rise buildings and more of a polished infrastructure. You feel that there is money in Frankfurt. Today I just want to take you on a quick walk through downtown Frankfurt – nothing fancy.

As you might have guessed, we start with a coffee place – note, that I always start with a coffee place but most of the times I did not take a picture of it. Here the coffee place can be seen in the lower right corner and the high-rise on the right is the Commerzbank tower. So what you see here is essentially one of the most central spots in Frankfurt, the Hauptwache (or actually close to it).

When you have some time to spare you might also want to go to the roof top of the Main Tower, from which you have a great view over Frankfurt. The Main Tower is probably the second largest building in Frankfurt after the Commerzbank Tower which can be also seen here, prominently, in the picture.

I continued my stroll towards the european central bank (the new building is not finished yet) and, by accident, ended up in the occupy camp in Frankfurt. I already had totally forgotten about the whole occupy thing – guys you need better marketing and media coverage. In any case, the next couple of pictures actually show some of the occupy occupation close to the ECB, here at the euro sign.

Opposite of the euro sign there is the occupy camp ground where people set up their temporary homes from which they plan their activities.

After a brief chat with one of the occupy’ists I went to one of the bridges. From here you get a nice view on the skyline and you can see a sophisticated mix of high-rise and green.

… and here once you passed the bridge…

Finally a night shot from one of the bridges further down the Main, close to the location of the new ECB building.

… and yes, you can get some bokeh with an 8mm fisheye but it is really hard and that is as good as it gets.

As usual, more shots below in the gallery.

8 thoughts on “Downtown Frankfurt – a one day trip

  1. Expect it to be an interesting city, but I may be wrong? Depends of course in what you’re interested.
    I’m no photographer Terence and admire your effects but the “life in a goldfish bowl” isn’t my favourite. Used sparingly it’s effective. I guess you just like to ring the changes?

    • The city itself is interested. Personally, I would say much more than Nürnberg for example. I lived in both for several years each so that I can compare.

      I agree – the fisheye effect does not work well everywhere and at this point I am still experimenting. Some of the shots would not have been possible without an ultra wide angle lens, other would have benefitted from straight lines. The main “issue” here is my personal habit of “one camera, one lens”, so that I typically use only one specific lens when I am out; sometimes for weight reasons but mostly this for philosophical ones 😉

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