City Explo[it | r]ation – my last day in Nürnberg

Tuesday was my last day in Nürnberg. I handed over the key to the apartment, got my security deposit back, cancelled electricity – so yes, for real. I met one last time that night with Sugar Ray Banister for a photo walk in Nürnberg Gostenhof – there will be a separate post for this sometime soon. Also, I have two more posts about Nürnberg in the pipeline from previous walks.

Today I just wanted to share the last shots I took in Nürnberg – nothing special, just the last ones. They are between 1-3 days old – you might think of it as the last thing that I saw of the city.

The first one is of one of favorite locations close to the main station. It is an old shop that has not been in use for years – entrances have been replaced by brick walls. I passed by it at least three times a week and never found the motivation to go there. As this was my last chance to get my shot, I finally did it.

A random McFlurry cup right in the middle of the small island close to Café DiSimo. It looked so lost and misplaced so that I had to take a shot.

taken on the same island. Many people were sitting there, playing music…

…and chatting…

The next one was taken at Café Lucas. I definitely frequented this location way to often the last weeks. My kitchen and my fridge had been empty due to moving, so that I needed to get some food and coffee from somewhere. Also, they have free wifi 😉

A familar view close to my apartment. I loved the two isolated umbrellas and how the people tried to make themselves a nice home with a nice balcony, they can spend the summer on. Very authentic – very down to earth. Reminds me very much of my own childhood.

Another one of those buildings that have been fascinating me for a long time but I never took photos. This one is close to the Saturn/Wöhrl garage at Adlerstrasse. It seems to be quite old, very run-down, and at least partly unused. This one really has a lot of mojo.

car wash. I needed to wash of “Nürnberg” from my car – off to new adventures.

No more shots in the gallery:

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