City Explo[it | r]ation – Märzfeld train station

On Thursday I met with Sugar Ray Banister (see his post here) again to explore the old Märzfeld train station which has a dark history (see here for the German wikipedia entry – I could not find an appropriate english site). The train station was renamed to Nürnberg-Langwasser in 1957 and has not been in use since 26. September 1987 (except for shunting and storage). We had hoped to find more “history” here but probably due to use as a regular train station after WWII until 1987 all traces of its past had been erased.

You can see the location of the station on the map below. We essentially walked the whole area, however, unfortunately, there is not much left.

We start with the small passage under the train station. The passage looks like a typical passage with graffiti, pee, and all the other nasty things, a good passage or tunnel has to offer.

So if you do not know anything about the train station above, walking down the passage you might not even notice the artificial walls that where put in place to prevent access to the actual station

and only if you continue walking further down the passage you will eventually see a gate that leads to tracks 4 and 5 – it is not clear to me why this entrance was only blocked by a simple gate, whereas the others by brick walls.

That would be it if you were not a bit more persistent – so we continued walking the area and eventually ended up on the tracks and the station itself. Here is the complementing shot to the gate from above which was taken on the platform of tracks 4 and 5.

The train station seemed to have been quite big with probably around 6 to 8 tracks. You can see the platform houses between the tracks and the grass almost completely covering the platforms. No wonder after 25 years of abandonment.

Here you can see a shadow of the two of us stalking old trains and the covered platforms.

The next shot shows the stairs that led to the platform in the old days…

… and a closer look reveals the brick wall, whose other side we already saw from the passage.

Apparently we were not the first ones here and in fact it looked like the place had been frequented too often in the past so that the buildings were all locked down and entrance was impossible.

Continuing walking the platform we also found an old shelter for people waiting for the trains.

And now it becomes quite obvious that 25 years of rain, snow, winter, cold, etc. do not do good. Several of the structures seemed to have collapsed already years ago, uncovering the underlying passages which probably connected the tracks.

That’s it for today.

More shots, as usual, in the gallery below.

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