Berlin – again


I spent the last couple of days in Berlin again. I do not know why but whenever I am there I feel like black-and-white. In any case, I hope you enjoy the shots. This time a bit less organized and more of a collection of shots taken in the course of the last four days.

There will be no map as I went to many many different places and frankly I do not even remember anymore where I took which shot. The first one intrigued me because of the bike and motorcycle right in front of those windows.

I then passed an open market with fresh fruits…

and I was stunned, yet again, to see these long columns of houses glued to each other.

Nice old house entries, slightly run down – very authentic.

Cafés… I just love those cafés…

you can sit outside in the sun and enjoy your coffee… I will miss this in Atlanta… although there is octane which is not bad either.

The next one was taken on my way back to the train station…

… so was this one.

More shots, as usual, in the gallery:


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