Urban Photography Challenge on WordPress

I hosted this week’s photo challenge on wordpress with the topic “urban”. Right now, I am about to setup a gallery with all the amazing shots from the challenge + many more. So if you have some urban shots you would like to share (regardless whether you participated or not) or you just want to browse, go here:


there is a submit button right next to the title – please also add the location and if you have, a title (less important).

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16 thoughts on “Urban Photography Challenge on WordPress

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  2. Thank you very much for the invitation to submit my URBAN photos to your album. I operate entirely from my smart (not always) phone and it isn’t allowing me to upload to your site. But I appreciate your kindness in including me in your project and enjoyed participating in this week’s theme.

    • the best thing would be if you directly submit it to the gallery so that you can add location, title, and URL to your blog here:


      there is a submit button next to the title. Feel free to choose your personal favorite. Slowly we are getting a nice number of submissions – so looking very much forward to yours! All of your shots are great – how about one from the either NYC or Korea with a street scene?


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  4. Hey from Ecuador! Do you plan to keep this rolling/ adding countries? If so, maybe we could pull appropriate photos from earlier posts that fit in the urban theme? I enjoyed seeing the wide variety of images but think it could stretch to even-greater ‘readership.’
    Suffice to say again that I enjoyed seeing the images!

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