City Explo[it | r]ation: Hannover Linden


Today I went to Hannover Linden which is considered the more artsy and alternative area of Hannover.  Quite a nice area I have to say with a lot of diversity and quite different from the rest of Hannover I have seen so far. The three chimneys from above are from a power/heating plant (combined heat-and-power?) which is often referred to as die drei warmen Brüder (the three warm brothers).

Below you can see the area I walked in.

So let’s get started. The first one was actually taken on my way to Linden – I do not know why but I am somewhat intrigued by traffic lights and this opportunity with the tv tower in the background just asked for it.

One of these typical backyard alleys. You will find bikes almost everywhere.

While walking towards Linden I walked through Nordstadt the “northern part” of the city. Things are pretty run down here and you will find graffitis everywhere.

A classic – the sun was low and the bike stood out against the lit up house.

This one reminded me a lot about these very old gas stations. I am not sure if it is still operational though. It seemed to be used by some kind of car rental business.

I then finally arrived in Linden. To my surprise I also found a house that had been defaced with color bags, very similar to what we have seen earlier in Nürnberg Gostenhof. However, I did not get the feeling that there were any gentrification issues in the area. The whole area seemed a bit poorer but no obvious displacement going on – maybe I am wrong…

The sign says: “on vacation from 8/15 to 9/1”. I like how the window is blocked with these crates. In particular, as you can see from the reflection, the sign is behind the glass, so that the crates have been moved there after the sign has been put into place.

One of my favorite locations that I spotted on my walk. An old cinema with an alternative movie program. I would have loved to see a movie here – next time maybe.

After entering the backyard, there were many posters and showcases of older films. Also, the white plate is funny, it says: “Couples, please kiss here”.

A close-up on this very classy sign of the theater. The “Apollo” text is written with these old school light chains.

From afar the theater blends in quite well with the surrounding shops and only a closer look reveals its beauty.

This one was taken on my way back. This big block of stacked living space was quite scary actually.

As always, you will find more shots in the gallery below.


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6 thoughts on “City Explo[it | r]ation: Hannover Linden

  1. Hannover’s a much overlooked city. I was only there for a week over ten years ago, but I felt it had lots of character, as your photos show. I think my favourite sighting was three concrete cars upside-down underneath a motorway flyover; no signs or anything to say why they were there, they just were. Don’t ask me where that was though, I’m afraid I’ve long forgotten.

  2. Love your work and nominated you for One Lovely Blog award, I totally understand if you don’t want to ‘do’ all the stuff involved. I just wanted to let you know!

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