End of the summer that has never been…

The last days have been crazy and it becomes clear that the summer that has never been this year is almost over. The colors are slowly changing towards a yellowish, brownish tone and everything is slowly preparing for winter. I found some time today to walk the streets and tried to catch this special light.

The overcast sky considerably added to the atmosphere I guess. Everything looked flat and desaturated.

This one is so endlessly German – you cannot even imagine…  (I have been scrolling back up to this picture several times now.)

The next one is probably my favorite from today: “and I am also scared!… btw… this is not a drill”

… typical backyard – I guess the time for scooters is over.

Nostalgia. Sometimes you will still find those in Germany. These are probably 20-25 years old and I am seriously wondering who is buying those gums etc…

German niceness – can’t beat it. The first one: “do not block the driveway!” the second one: “no parking at any time. not for 5 minutes, not for 30 seconds, not at all!”

Me with my saturday morning newspaper on the way to a café. The signs: “Everthing’s alright”, “Please continue shopping”.

I just love this place – I am a sucker for those red stone houses…

Leaves start to fall and the trees turn orange, brownish already… and it is getting cold. Luckily I will spend the next week in the sun…

This abandoned store was a liquor store before it was reused for something else. The last owner just put his sign on top, so that, now that he is gone, the old sign reappears.

The next one reminded me a lot of the “Litfasssäule”  (the advertising pillar) from Nürnberg. Here you can rent books for free. Pretty cool idea.

The last one for today – the sun was low already early in the afternoon…  you just can’t deny it: the summer is over.

As always, you will find more shots in the gallery below.

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7 thoughts on “End of the summer that has never been…

  1. Love this post! Love the mood here! Wonderful photos that really describes the feelings of an ending summer.
    It is the same here in Sweden, the autumn is here and we can not get it, because we did not have a summer….. Where did it go?

  2. I guess you’re mourning a summer that never was, but the coloring in photos more than make up for it. 🙂

    That space to rent books is super cool. I want to see things like that in my neck of the woods.

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