City Explo[it | r]ation: Bye bye Hannover


This is my last weekend in Hannover and I am going back to Atlanta on Wednesday morning. After having said good bye to Nürnberg end of July it is now time to do the same with Hannover. Everything is packed up and on its way to Atlanta already, leaving me with nothing much but a matress on the ground to sleep on.

So here are some final shots I took this weekend. The first one is from a laundry shop in the center of the city which reminded me very much of the US ones.

The next one is of the backside of a shop that you already saw earlier. I still haven’t figured out what this shop is all about, but the notes in the window are quite unique.

There were several interesting reflections today like the next one with the sewing machines. This is probably something that I will miss: the colorful windows in those small streets.

Another shot of one of those windows. This one is of a barber shop in the old city of Hannover where I went to some art exhibition today – the Strichcode exhibition; I might do a separate post about it.

A small coffee shop in the old city. Tables and chairs outside; deserted however – too cold and too wet.

Entrance(?) to an old bunker.

I love this one in particular. The people upstairs are sitting in a coffee shop (I think it is starbucks actually). What you cannot see unfortunately, due to the size, is the expression in their faces. Some of them are absolutely bored out of their minds, others are very excited.

The square in front of the main station at night. Very colorful and lots of people out there. This is one of the meeting points to start saturday night.

The last one is of a Lamborghini parked behind the theater… I couldn’t resist…

As always, you will find more shots in the gallery below.


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