Atlanta randomness


Slowly but surely I am settling in. Still, I am missing almost everything in my house and the only working internet connection is the one from my iPad. This turns out to be quite some interesting experience: how far you can go by only relying on an iPad? For example this blog post was written on it and it was quite a pain. The main issue is that the WordPress software is not geared towards longer posts and using the iPad WordPress app you are essentially limited to web 0.9 beta features (or you have to know HTML by heart). In particular formatting is quite limited. What I found quite helpful though is the dictation feature from iOS – Almost the whole blog post was written using this feature.

Last night I went out to take some pictures. In fact I met up with a couple of people to go to the flux night and I plan to have a blog post about this later… So here are a couple of shots that are not flux night related.

The first one was taken close to Atlantic Station. I took it early in the morning, I guess around 7 o’clock. I went for an early-morning exploration as I’m still fighting with my jet lag – getting up at 4 o’clock in the morning is not fun.


The next one was taken close to one of my favorite Thai restaurants (spoon). This type of buildings absolutely intrigues me.


The same holds true for the next one which was taken close to spoon as well.


In the evening I then walked down Marietta Street to get to the flux night. A lot of cool buildings here.


I would definitely like to live in one of those lofts; It is probably the definition of a creative life.


Continuing further down the street I found an advertisement for an Oktoberfest celebration. Having just left Germany this felt like home and the Biergarten was right on the other side of the street.


3 thoughts on “Atlanta randomness

  1. Thanks for the comments about the iPad…I started a post and saved it as a draft on my iPad, but it does not show up on my other devices! 😦 I enjoy reading your posts and the one I’m working on is about “re-purposes” bicycles–thanks to your ads in the previous blog I realized how many photos of bikes I had in my collection. I also enjoyed your black and white blog–I love black and white and yes only certain situations lend themselves to that. Kep up the good work!

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