City Explo[it | r]ation – Atlanta: Flux Night

As mentioned earlier, last night I went to the flux night. Simply amazing! I had lots of fun and I met pretty cool people. The music was great and the installations were spectacular. It was a bit dark and I was limited camera-wise (shutter speed at around 1/6 – 1/10 s) so that some of the shots turned out blurry; adds to the atmosphere I guess.

As customary, here is a map of the area (most of) the shots are from. The event was in the Castleberry Hill Art District.

Below, you will find my pictures from the event. They’re not in any particular order and frankly I am not sure what I should say about them. Just have a look yourself to get an idea.

A note on my iPad experiment: I am a bit embarrassed I have to admit. When I saw people in movies using dictation devices, I thought this was pretty ridiculous – for example in suits. Now, I am almost getting used to it. It is extremely convenient and very fast. On the other hand, I’m talking to a computer. This cannot be healthy.
By the way, I switched to Blogsy which is awesome and I use Snapseed to format the images.

More shots, as usual, in the gallery:


4 thoughts on “City Explo[it | r]ation – Atlanta: Flux Night

  1. Hi there!
    Love your pix–and they are even more amazing because I also live in the Atlanta area, on the Southside. It’s funny how people can live in the same area and yet have two completely different perspectives of the same thing. Cool work!

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