Atlanta streets alive

I just came back from Atlanta streets alive where I met with a few other street photographers from the Atlanta Street Photography group. We had a lot of fun and I meet some great people – thanks guys this was really a nice experience.

Today was a great day for several reasons. First of all I significantly advanced my 100 strangers project – I think I took pictures of like 10 new strangers, including the one from above. As I'm still on my iPad regimen I do not want to say too much.

For me, as a German, the first one was so American so that just couldn't say no.

The next one is of a police man I started to talk with at the beginning of the parade. It was funny because the guy recognized my German accent and we talked in German. He had learned German for a year now – I was very impressed.
I guess nothing to add to this one.
I started to talk to this guy because he had an amazing antique store. Given that I just moved I realized that I could need some of the stuff for my own house. Really nice guy.
For those of you that have been a wondering, yes these are the guys from last night.
The photography meet up was about street photography. I guess I somewhat missed the theme a bit. But judge for yourself – as soon as I have a real computer again, I will be more talkative again.

I have high hopes that my thirst for urban photography will be satisfied here. There are quite a lot of nice old buildings here that are worth exploring. I will talk about this in more detail some other time.
— (yes, the next one is unsharp on purpose.)

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