more black and more white…

I just arrived in Phoenix and with all the new stuff coming up, I am venturing back into the world of black-and-white photography. Today I had an amazing chance for my next stranger but I screwed it up… hesitated too long. So no new stranger today. In fact, today I only have a few black-and-white ones for you that I took over the course of the last days – most of them are from my trip to the old Kodak lab.

The first two were taken close to the Clermont Lounge in Atlanta – yes, this is the place “where stripper’s go to die”… To cite one of the yelp reviewers:
First, a big Thank You to Cocaine Carla*        [*not her REAL name.  She’s here paying for college.  Really.  Her son’s college, maybe,  but still paying for college.]   for making my trip to the Clermont truly memorable.  🙂  Without her providing an interesting evening of manic laughter, interesting anecdotes, life-stories of the regulars and dancers, and veiled hints at pleasures and perils lying in wait in the dark “champagne room” (really just a corner of the main room), this could have been just another smoky, saggy adventure.
The old sign of the Clermont Hotel. This place is so old… the gazillion birds added to the creepy atmosphere.
Same street – further up.
So american surfaces – but this time in black-and-white.
Krispy Kreme – awesome old school sign.
Entrace of the old fox theater downtown Atlanta.
The interior of an old VW beetle.

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