Things are still a bit crazy, but slowly I am settling in. Sure, some main infrastructure is still missing, such as a proper internet connection and a suitable car. The last couple of days I received some unplanned media attention which is of course nice but it kept me quite busy and it added to the general level of stress. I guess within the next 4 weeks everything should be fine and back to normal. Today I have a couple of pictures for you that I took over the course of the last couple of days while running some errands or inbetween gigs.

Also, with starting the “Punkt . project” the first major event is coming up beginning of December. This is taking up some time as well but I am crazily excited about this. As soon as all the details are worked out I will make a separate post about the project as well as our event beginning of December. With all the burlesque stuff coming up recently I needed some inspiration today that led me to Java Jive. I like the place for its vintage interior and the food is good too.

The next one (as well as most other shots in this post) is from experimenting with my new Hexanon 50mm f/2.0 that I got in New York last week. I wanted to have this glass for a while now because of its unique and distinct rendering. This lens is uncoded of course so that it will vignette quite a bit on a Leica M9 wide open.

From my recent trip to New York. Shot on the way back to Penn Station.

This one is New York as well. A perfect example of the Hexanon's rendering. Very classic, slightly on the low-contrast side.

Soooo many colors, I couldn't resist. Starbucks in New York.

More New York…

The next one is for one of my secret projects…

Atlanta, close to the Clermont Lounge. I am a sucker for these old neon lights. This is America for me 🙂


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