Castleberry Hill Art District revisited

Today, William Frank Fox and I went back to the Castleberry Hill Art District. After the amazing Flux Night (see the post here) we wanted to see the area without all those flashy light installations.

Here is a map of the area (most of) the shots are from.

We started on Walker St. and went pretty much around the whole area without any specific plan. With all its contrasts this area is perfect for black-and-white.

The whole neighborhood is extremely diverse as you can already guess from these two pictures.

The Hexanon: pretty good at burning a serious hole into reality. Here, Will with his new toy, a fantastic Mamiya 6 medium format rangefinder.

What is also nice about the Castleberry Hills area is that you will find a lot of these train tracks. In the old days, Atlanta was all about trains – just check out the BeltLine.

Many buildings are abandoned and the windows are broken. Together with old advertisements etc. on the walls… simply amazing.

Parts of the Atlanta skyline together with the railroad tracks in the front. In the left of the picture you can see the CNN headquarters.

This is where the big stage was at Flux Night. If I remember correctly the couch has been there already that night. Comparing the atmosphere back then and now… well it is a different world with the couch being witness of what is not anymore.

Red brick stone walls and wood windows… What else to say…

More shots, as usual, in the gallery:

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