1212 exhibition: Black and White.

1212 Exhibition: Black-and-White

The 1212 Exhibition: Black-and-White is a crowd-sourced exhibition organized by the Punkt . Project depicting contemporary black-and-white photography with a focus on, but not limited to, the Atlanta area. We can host the work of up to 20 additional photographers (see below if you want to contribute).

Black-and-white photography is a powerful concept that draws from the neglect of color, inspiring our imagination. Black-and-white fuels our inspiration by putting us in chains. Taken to its extreme one might even concur that while color photography is about depicting and documenting, reality, black-and-white’s essence is in the creation of unreal things while capturing their true inner identity. Is it really the sky if it is depicted in black-and-white? The 1212 exhibition will celebrate black-and-white photography and its unique and important role in contemporary art and photography.

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Contribute your work

PROCEEDS: This exhibition is strictly non-profit. Prints will be sold for $20 and all proceeds will go to Operation Peace. Operation Peace works in the Old 4th Ward with youths and adults to make Atlanta a better place. They offer educational and athletic after-school programs for kids and career-development programs for adults. Operation Peace’s headquarters are on Boulevard, just around the corner.

DATE: 12/07/2012 || 8pm – 11pm
PLACE: 828 Ralph McGill #314, Atlanta, GA 30306

MUSIC: Derek Moon (sound check)

DRESS CODE: The color of the night is black-and-white

RSVP on Facebook or via email.

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