Shelf space

Today I have a different kind of “urban exploration” for you. I needed to do some grocery shopping. I was a bit tired, so much actually, that any type of over-stimulation put me into agony. After being a couple of minutes at the store I could not deny the pain anymore. Crazy colors and gazillion copies of the same thing aligned in perfect order. A plethora of drinks and food. For everything you need there are so many different choices. And they all look the same, so much the same that making a choice is almost impossible.  

2 thoughts on “Shelf space

  1. Decisions, decisions, decisions. We are lucky to have grocery stores stocked full of food. In California, there was a proposition on the ballet to have gmc foods labeled. That did not pass. I wonder how many of our foods are genetically modified? If I knew gmc from non-gmc, it would make decisions a lot easier.

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