14th Street

As some of you probably know, one of my long term projects is to explore different areas and different streets in various cities and compare their character. I started this a while back in Germany when it was clear that I would be leaving Nürnberg for the US. I quickly became addicted to urban photography. While it seems so trivial and mundane at first, the different perspectives start to have a life on their own when considered in comparison with other neighborhoods. 

Another aspect of urban photography that became clear to me when talking to other people is that it reveals a lot about your own perception, thinking, and cultural background. In fact the views, frames, and compositions that I chose are unique to my perception. Other photographers are likely to choose completely different ones. I choose what I like to emphasize. I emphasize what *I* feel is different from my expectations, which in turn are derived from previous experiences. This edition is about 14th Street. The area is depicted below:

Most of the shots were taken on my way from the tracks to the left, all the way down to Starbucks and all the way back to Atlantic station.

More shots in the gallery below:


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