Visiting Besharat Gallery

Today we had some free time on our hands and we went to the Besharat Gallery in Castleberry Hills to see Steve McCurry’s work. I knew most of the work from before but I very much enjoy seeing real prints and going somewhere with the dedicated goal to experience somebody else’s vision of the world.

The metal bull and the dog below are part of the exhibition there and after Steve Osborne took such an amazing shot of those I could not resist the temptation to follow suit.
I am not going to post any pictures from the gallery – get down there yourself and see the amazing work! The next one I am totally in love with. I will call this my new office 😉

An old BMW parked in front of the Besharat Gallery. What should I say? I am German after all!

Two more girls for my 100 strangers project – we are getting close 😉

Varsity – one of the older, traditional fast food places in Atlanta.

And another skyline shot.

More shots in the gallery below:

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