Saturday shooting: Jetta


I had a great shooting with Jetta Di Penna yesterday. We were shooting on some train tracks close to 10th St. and the surroundings. Given that we wanted to move around a bit and try different locations I only used a single speedlite occasionally which was not a problem as it was overcast anyways.

The setup. The setup had to be more simple than usual. Given that we wanted to move around and work on several locations I went extremely light this time. Also we had to keep moving as it was freezing cold.

The location. We shot on several different locations everywhere between 8th and 10th St close to Marietta St and moved around pretty quickly.


Camera: Olympus OM-D
Exposure: f/2.8, 1/1000, ISO 200
Lens: Olympus 75mm f/1.8
Natural light only

Lighting. We shot most of the shots with natural light only except for a couple where I used a speedlite for fill.


The shots. Here are some more shots from today



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