Rush hour at the Yahoo! Company Store

A couple of months ago I was approached by Yahoo! whether I would be interested to have my “rush hour” shot from Nürnberg on the cover of the official Flickr journal. Since I had been using Flickr for quite some time and since Flickr played an significant role in my photographic development this was a nobrainer.

The story behind this shot is somewhat personal. I perfectly remember when I took it. I was on the way back home in Nürnberg and just had dropped-off a friend of mine at the train station. That evening some nostalgia kicked in and I took a drive through the city – I was about to leave for Malaysia. It was bitter cold and it had rained a bit earlier so that the lights reflected like crazy. I just recently had bought a Sony Nex-5n and had a Leica Summicron 35mm mounted on it. Having had the camera next to me on the seat, I started to shoot while driving. I set the focus to minimum distance, opened up the aperture and composed on the display while making sure to not get into an accident. Music was blasting – I was in the zone. When I came home and checked out the shots I only realized then how intense the colors were and how much of the atmosphere was preserved by the simple mix and combination of colors.

So here is how the Flickr Journal looks like. Yahoo! sent me two of those notebooks – they look great.

They also turned into a Flickr Skin for iPad which I find pretty cool.

On a related note, five of my favorite shots from this abstract series will be exhibited at one of the Starbucks in Atlanta from Saturday on. I got some big a** prints (16×24) and after having gotten the wrong frames delivered a couple of times I finally got everything together with more than an embarrassing month delay. Details will follow in a separate post with some more background information.

Full disclosure: I do not receive any compensation from sales of any of the products above.

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