Exhibiting “Signatur” series @ Starbucks on 14th St.

scan_20130406_1Yesterday I put up five photographs from my “Signatur” series on the art wall at Starbucks on 14th Street close to the downtown connector in Atlanta. This is one of my more abstract series that I started about three years ago as a technical experiment but very soon became a study of the specific light signatures of certain locations, hence the name “Signatur” which is the German term for “signature” or “characteristic”.

Before I start talking about the Signatur series, I would like to thank Kaitren for giving me the opportunity to show my work.

So what is the “Signatur” series about? I started to experiment with unsharpness some time back in early 2009. At that point it was more like technical fascination with bokeh rather than some other, deeper motivation. However, shortly after the technical fascination blew over, I realized that every location has something like a unique light signature. Even though one might not identify the location by the context that is depicted, the mix of colors and lights might still capture essential parts of the atmosphere of that particular place. The “Signatur” series is about capturing precisely this atmosphere, devoid of any distractions from actual, specific objects or subjects.

I chose five particular shots from the series – the whole series can be found here. In the following, I want to give you guys some more information about the shots.


Paris, 2010. I took this shot in Paris back in 2010. What you see here is the lights from the Eiffel Tower at night. It creates this warm and serene atmosphere. One can look at it for hours and one is totally calm and relaxed afterwards.


Hannover, 2011. Taken around Christmas 2011 in Hannover, Germany. The lights are from the christmas decoration you will find everywhere in German cities around that time of the year. Typically they are part of the large christmas markets which brings together people on the streets despite the typically freezing cold weather.


Nürnberg, 2012. One of my favorites. I am not going to talk about this one however: this is the photograph that is featured on the Yahoo! notebook and the Yahoo! skin for the iPad and you can read more about it here.


Singapore, 2012. What you can see in the photograph here is the skyline of Singapore taken from a site close to the Marina Bay Sands hotel. I deliberately chose a much higher definition here to emphasize the character of the skyline. The Marina Bay area is one of those hot spots where everybody meets in the evening. There are live performances, many tourists, and restaurants.


Atlanta, 2013. The last one of the shots I have chosen was taken on the Beltline here in Atlanta. I took it on one of the numerous bridges overlooking parts of the city at night. The Beltline is transforming Atlanta quite rapidly and connects neighborhoods in a new way and walking there in the evening gives a pretty unique feeling.

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