Inman Park Festival


Yesterday I went to the Inman Park Street Festival here in Atlanta. I haven’t had any time recently to just go out and do some street photography so that it was a welcome opportunity. Also, I have some serious traveling coming up soon (more on that later in a separate post) and so I wanted to take the chance to do some more Atlanta shooting.

Street Photography is very different from what I am doing otherwise. In fact, at first often it seems like you are only taking “snapshots”. To this day I am meditating over the deeper philosophy of street photography. You have little control over the environment and you are more driven by the actual unraveling of events and the flow of time. You are an observer and hence, as such, you take a picture. You capture a fleeting moment in time. This is very different to other modes of photography where you more actively create a picture. Sometimes I find taking pictures very relaxing and meditative. You just need to be there and let it happen. No need for setup etc. Ok, I confess sometimes I also just want to push the shutter button just to see what happens – but that’s another story.

So I arrived at about 1.00pm meeting up with some of the other guys from the Atlanta Street Photography group. The area was packed and people were having lots of fun. We got a prime spot at Euclid and Edgewood with a great view on the parade. Here are a couple of shots from the event. I just got a Panasonic GX1 body for $250 and shot it with the 20mm f1.7. If you are looking for a great M4/3 camera – get the GX1! Due to some “newer models” being released the GX1 has been heavily discounted over the last weeks and given that it is an amazing body it is a steal for that money! Especially if you use it with the electronic viewfinder you got yourself a very potent package.

So here are some of the shots from yesterday. In the first one the guy just got of his bike, not caring for the rest of the parade to open his bottle of beer. You have to have the right priorities.


People sitting on the ground enjoying the parade.


Will with his Klasse camera waiting for a good shot on the parade.

scan_20130427_5Car with a german numberplate – I had to get a shot šŸ˜‰


More shots in the gallery:

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