Summer diaries Part 1: gettin’ ready


I have been a bit quiet over the last couple of weeks. This is mostly, because I am getting ready for my intercontinental “road trip” and I intend to keep you guys posted from the road. So I needed a hiatus beforehand. Last year I went to Malaysia, Singapore, and Chile and this year it will be, apart from some locations in the US, Japan with major stops in Kyoto and Tokyo, Singapore, Germany with various stops, and Lisbon in Portugal.

2013 has been pretty amazing so far and I am pretty much beyond the quota for the year 😉 Thus it is time to travel and to work on some private projects to get the mojo flowin’. I haven’t completely worked out the projects yet – I am thinking along the lines of street portraits and continuing my “strangers” series but this will however depend on whether I can find someone to translate, especially in Japan. To get a clear head and into the personal projects mood I haven’t done many shootings recently but mainly focused on reading up on the locations and thinking about potential projects.

I am super excited about this year’s locations. While I have been to some of them, some others are new. I hope to finalize the schedule over the next couple of weeks – I will start in the US and then I will be in Japan mid to end of June, in Singapore beginning to mid July, in Germany from mid July to end of July, and Portugal from end of July to beginning of August, and then from beginning of August to mid of August some more locations in the US. 

So if you are from Singapore, Lisbon, Kyoto, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Nürnberg, Erlangen, Essen (or Ruhrgebiet) drop me a line!

This year’s trip is supposed to officially start next week with Nashville, Tennessee as a warm-up. I haven’t decided yet how much gear I am effectively going to drag along but as of now it looks like it will be two cameras with one lens each (my Leica with 35mm Summicron and a GX1 with 20mm f/1.7) – if you need a great camera at an insanely low price, get a GX1. I have been using these two almost exclusively over the last couple of weeks to see whether I will be happy with the setup.

To get into the mood, below some random shots from the Atlanta metro area that I took over the last two weeks.

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