Interlude: Vintage shooting with Desiree Bailey


Yesterday I did a quick vintage shooting with Desiree Bailey on Carroll St. Although I am already getting ready for my travel and wanted to take it slow with shootings this summer, I was quite keen on this one and I could not say no.

We met at Octane in Grant Park, got a coffee, and did some quick discussion about the setup. We then moved on to Carroll St. I happened to be there on Friday and I was amazed how different this tiny little street is from the rest of the area. So why not shooting there?

The setup and location. We went for a 50’s-60’s like look and first shot on the street and then inside one of the cool joints there – I did not plan for the latter but I saw this awesome coke vending machine inside the shop and so I went and asked. The girl was very nice and agreed as long we were not taking up too much space etc. Thus it had to be fast. I had an OM-D with a 75mm and a Coolpix A with me. The 75mm was way too long so that I used the Coolpix with its 28mm equivalent lens – simply amazing. In fact, all of the wider shots were taken with the Coolpix.


Camera 1: Olympus OM-D Lens: Olympus 75mm f/1.8

Camera 2: Nikon Coolpix A

Lighting. Natural light only and one reflector / diffuser. Lots of spot metering was needed to get the exposure right.

The shots.





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