Summer diaries Part 3: last week in Atlanta


This is my last week in Atlanta before heading off to Kyoto via San Francisco (see here for my summer plans). I spent most of last week in various coffee shops in Atlanta, researching locations as well as finishing off some work. I also have been working on a photo book about Atlanta – I might actually share a PDF version of it at some point.

I like hanging out at coffee shops and it is my preferred environment to get work done. The background noise of chatting people creates this ‘sound cushion’ in which one can easily spent a couple of hours working away. One of my favorite locations is Octane in Grant Park: bright, light, spacious, great coffee, cool people, and a great atmosphere.

The shots below are from the last few days – most shots are from my Coolpix A which I got a couple of weeks ago as a point-and-shot camera when I do not want to carry heavy gear. Great camera with awesome image quality. Nikon really got an awesome package here (not without flaws though – see Ming Thein’s review). Also after some hesitation I finally sold my Nex-6 and my Nex lenses. I ended up using the Nex-6 less and less often, due to some serious design flaws as well as the lack of high quality glass. Frankly speaking this will be the last Sony camera that I have probably bought in a very long time. I am willing to pay for quality glass but there was simply too little available. As a total package I got much more out of the OM-D with superb glass like the 75mm and many more. Is the sensor worse? Probably. Does it matter in good light or when using strobes (I.e., at base ISO)? No. Another thing that annoys me quite a bit in this whole mirror-less category is the exclusive consumer/enthusiast focus. There are a couple of people out there that would be willing to pay the premium for a serious mirror-less system and not having to lug around a larger DSLR system. The only serious choice however is still a Leica M (at a huge price tag) – and maybe the (next?) OM-D without the gimmicks.

6 thoughts on “Summer diaries Part 3: last week in Atlanta

  1. I saw a quick review of the Nikon A in PopPhoto and have been considering it as a replacement for my P7000 since I’ve dropped it so many times I’m surprised it still works. Seeing what you did here definitely helps make the case for that little compact.

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