Summer diaries Part 4.6: Nishiki Market


Before I left Kyoto I managed to pay a quick visit to the Nishiki Market which has essentially everything to offer that you can eat in Kyoto. It is adjacent to the shopping complex close to Sanjo Dori. While it was only a rather short visit I genuinely enjoyed browsing through the small alleys and seeing what’s on display.

Lonely planet says:

If you are interested in seeing all the really weird and wonderful foods that go into Kyoto cuisine, wander through Nishiki Market. It’s in the centre of town, one block north of (and parallel to) Shijō-dōri, running west off Teramachi Shopping arcade and ending shortly before Daimaru department store. This market is a great place to visit on a rainy day or if you need a break from temple-hopping. The variety of foods on display is staggering, and the frequent cries of Irasshaimase! (Welcome!) are heart-warming.

That’s my last post from Kyoto as I am heading over to Tokyo now via the bullet. Did I miss something important in Kyoto? Yes, definitely: the geikos. Unfortunately, I am neither rich nor important enough to get the real deal and everything else felt like cheating. More soon from Tokyo!

Below some shots from the market as well as a couple of shots I took on the way to the market.

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