Summer diaries Part 5.2: Tokyo nights


Tokyo’s skyline at night is amazing. What is even better is that there are several observatories spread over the city that you can go to (mostly) free of charge.

So here is a short list of observatories to visit

  1. Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
  2. Mori Tower
  3. Sumitomo Building

Many more can be found here in the Japan Guide. Hopping between observatories I also find this thing. I am not telling you where I took this one but I am sure that you will almost automatically run into it when you go to the observatories.


So here are a few shots from the Tokyo skyline at night. Unfortunately, something really weird happened with the shots when downscaling them in lightroom: it added a lot of chroma noise in the sky. It is not there in the large version and neither super aggressive noise reduction, deactivating sharpening, nor smoothening removed it in the downscaled version. So at this point my best guess is that by downscaling the dithering collapses and creates clumps of pixels with wrong colors. It could also be some systematic noise patterns in the nikon coolpix a sensor that is amplified by downscaling, almost like Moiré. I will investigate this upon my return.

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