Summer diaries Part 7.1: understand and not reject


I am in Germany now. After a small hiatus to relax and get over my massive jet lag, I went to one of my favorite spots in the Ruhr valley, the Landschaftspark Nord.

It is essentially an old coal and steel plant that has been turned into a park. I have been to this location on various occasions for  about 7 years on a regular basis. In the past you could virtually climb on everything. They put in ladders and stairs and it was an amazing experience. However, the structure is not really maintained, so that by now most of these are not accessible anymore because you essentially risk your life. It is again one of these things in Germany: you just let it rot. One of the few locations that allow the younger generation to really understand the history and the legacy of the Ruhr valley and why it is in such dire situation now. I hope it does not completely disappear. Anyways, here is what Wikipedia says:

Landschaftspark is a public park located in Duisburg Nord, Germany. It was designed in 1991 by Latz + Partner (Peter Latz), with the intention that it work to heal and understand the industrial past, rather than trying to reject it. The park closely associates itself with the past use of the site: a coal and steel production plant (abandoned in 1985, leaving the area significantly polluted) and the agricultural land it had been prior to the mid 19th century.

The park features a summer cinema and diving in the gasometer. In the summer there are various events in the park, typically well integrated into the structures. Enjoy the shots. TSJ

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