Summer diaries Part 8.4: Street shooting in Lisbon


When I was in Lisbon I also had some time to do a quick street shooting. This has become something that I do more regularly now when I am traveling and I enjoy the variety of atmospheres different cities present.

I think what inspired me to do these street shootings is the hunt for simplicity and authenticity. I typically do not work with any artificial light or reflectors etc for these shoots because I am traveling mostly alone, away from all the buzz. As you can imagine this poses quite some challenges as, e.g., light in narrow streets can change very quickly. For the reason of authenticity, I also limit post-processing for those shoots to the bare minimum – sure since you shoot without additional light you might have to dodge and burn a bit and adjust colors and white balance. Often however, there are smaller imperfections that you could easily clone out or heal in Lightroom or Photoshop. In most cases I keep those though to add authenticity and structure to the shots. For this particular shoot we shot in Lisbon close to Bairro Alto for about 2 hours, mostly somewhere right in the middle of the streets. TSJ

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