The Ruhr valley – repurposed


I just came back from Europe where I spent some time in France, Germany, and Switzerland and I am still recovering from my trip; I will keep it short for today and simply share some photos from Germany with you.

In Germany I spent some time in the Ruhr valley, one of Germany’s former industrial hot spots. The Ruhr valley is characterized by lots of mining related industrial complexes, e.g., steel plants, mills, melt shops, etc. Many of those complexes have been transformed into cultural centers such as Zeche Zollverein, which is on UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

Some others have been turned into, rather unique, night clubs, as the one you can see below. 

While these complexes have been transformed from their original purpose into something completely different, they still preserve some of the key characteristics and serve as a constant reminder of the past. In fact, one might even contemplate that if they would not have been repurposed, then they might have completely disappeared.

So long — TSJ.

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