Sunday shoot: Misa


This weekend I had a shooting with Misa and my buddy Steve came along. We shot in Doraville close to the Chinatown mall and from there we pretty much explored the whole neighborhood. 

Day and model were gorgeous and we had lots of fun. I also learned quite a bit about the local ice cream store and its history. Both, shooting and setup were very relaxed – we only shot natural light. No tweaks, no tricks. I had quite a few inquiries recently about how I shoot with natural light. In the very near future I will be talking a bit about more about my process and how to get great shots without additional lights.

Here are a few first shots from today – more to come soon.



Lens: 150mm and 50mm
Exposure: 1/800s f/2.8 at ISO 200 (digital) and 1/250 f/2 at ISO 75 (film)
Lights: Natural light only.

As usual, more shots below in the gallery.

Go out and shoot! — TSJ.

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