Misa Nyugen revisited including film


Here are some more shots from the recent shooting with Misa including some from the roll that I shot that day. I was quite surprised comparing the digital ones to the film ones. In some respect they look quite similar actually, however, in terms of rendering and sharpness – a completely different story.

The shots from above and below are digital including the ones in the first gallery. The other ones are shot on Portra 160 (rated ISO 75). Here are the general shooting parameters:

Lens: 150mm and 50mm
Exposure: 1/400s f/2.8 at ISO 200 (digital) and 1/250 f/2 at ISO 75 (film)
Lights: Natural light only.


Below in the gallery are a few more shots (digital).

Now let’s get to the film shots. As mentioned above I shot Portra 160 film aggressively overexposed by about two stops to get the softness of the skin tones as well as pastelish colors. I got four rolls back from various shootings and it seems like there was some issue either with the scanning or my camera. Quite a high ratio of shots where out of focus. However, if it would be front or back focusing then the point of focus should have been somewhere else (I had some shots along lines going into the depth – no focus anywhere). In any case, despite the focus issue I got quite a large amount of keepers (about 6-8 out of 38) which is significantly higher than digital.


As you can see, film does look different. It is maybe a bit more organic. Also, the composition has minor imperfections (tilt, shifts) that I did not  (deliberately) correct for.


And some more film shots.

Go out and shoot! — TSJ.

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6 thoughts on “Misa Nyugen revisited including film

  1. I haven’t compared my film and digital since I usually don’t do both at the same time, so thanks for posting these. It’s interesting to see the differences in the same situation and subject. What are you shooting the Portra through?

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