Film roll from shooting with Fifi


I just got the film roll back from the shooting with Fifi. It is always quite an experience when looking at shots from a shooting some time back.

One aspect is temporal separation: the more time passess between the shoot and editing the shots the larger the detachment. I am talking 'editing' not 'processing'. This is film after all and reprocessing film digitally is one of the deadly sins and we are not going hipster here.

I really like the rendering of this film stock (Portra 160). It is very organic and goes well together with the overall mood and works perfectly with the model. Check out the previous posts for a comparison (here and here) – it is very different.


So what is different. For sure the film is daylight calibrated and when sun is setting (as was when we were shooting), the white balance shifts leading to an interesting color rendition. You can actually see this effect in the shots: the more down you look, the more the red gets a green-ish colorcast. That is really due to the different light falloff.


I shot a roll of Portra 160 (rated ISO 75). Here are the general shooting parameters to give you an idea of the setup; see the other posts for more detail.

Lens: 50mm
Exposure: from 1/250s to as slow as 1/30s @ f/2.0 / ISO75
Lights: Natural light only.

More shots below in the gallery.

Have a great weekend — TSJ.

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