Last roll from Nürnberg


Today is nostalgia day. A few weeks ago when I had my rolls from recent shootings developed I also sent in an old roll back from Germany that I took in the week before I left for the Atlanta. That means it is about 1.5 years old and went through several times of x-raying at the airport. It was a roll of Kodak Ektar 100 and as I shot it on one particular evening (except for a few shots). I had rated it at ISO 400, requiring two stops of pushing in development; German as I am, I, of course, had written it on the roll.

So here are some of those shots. The pushing blocked up some of the shadows and shifted the colors in a weird but interesting way. Except for a few shots, all shots are from Nürnberg in Germany.

The first shot is from a Schlecker shop. Schlecker was one of the big chains similar to Walgreens and CVS in the US. It was run into the ground by the Schlecker Familie a few years ago. It is one of those sad stories where a family-run business outgrew its family-manageability. When I took that shoot, Schlecker finally went bankrupt after some period of Chapter 11 protection. Restructuring had failed because the owners were not willing to turn around the business model.


The next shot is from one of the laundry shops in Nürnberg. Laundry shops are not as common in Germany as for example in the US because most people have a washing machine at home. If you want to figure out where students live in a city in Germany, figure out where the laundry shops are.


One of the jewelry shops in the old city of Nürnberg. I always had the feeling that Nürnberg tried to emulate Munich and was suffering from a certain envy. In the older city you will find many of those shops trying to cater to those decadent desires.


One of the entrances to the old city in Nürnberg. You will find a lot of bars here with lots of character. I used to park in a garage left to this shot and walk down here to enter the old city of Nürnberg.


One of my favorite places on the other end of the old city for starting the evening entertainment program. In the summer you could sit outside, have a few drinks and dinner, and take it from there. The Schlecker shop is right in my back here.


Another one of my favorite places. The Lukas, a café in the center of the old city. I used end up here late at night as you got espresso and food until latte and I happened to meet several other photographers from Nürnberg here regularly.


And finally, one of the places I used to end up with a colleague of mine. A very alternative, artsy place with great beer and great people.


You can find a few more shots below in the gallery, including three shots from Berlin – you might guess which ones those are.

Thanks for your time and reading — TSJ.

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12 thoughts on “Last roll from Nürnberg

  1. Beautiful shots. I’ve only spent two days in Germany but your shots perfectly capture my perception of the country. It’s a perfectly balanced mixture of medieval village, 1930’s black and white films and modern infrastructure. Nicely done.

    • thanks! yes indeed – it feels very medieval. this is really very special about some of the older cities such as nürnberg or braunschweig. the newer industrial ones such as the ruhr valley cities (including essen, dortmund, duisburg, bochum, etc.) are not like this – way more industrial and 50-60’s quick and dirty (re-)constructions. It is actually quite amazing that nürnberg looks the way it looks giving its ww2 history… lots has been rebuilt

  2. What a beautiful series and an amazing article. I would love you to shoot me films

    You have got an incredible way of seeing the world. The film format suits you very well

    Keep them rolls coming!

    • Thanks a lot my friend! I know, I should shoot more film 😉 My Leica turns 20 years old this year and I plan to use it heavily this year. So expect more film to come! how was Berlin, btw?

      • Stunning!

        Please do so 😉

        Berlin was incredible but I believe I have got some unfinished business with Berlin I need to go back.

        I fell in love with the city and the commuting was excellent.

        So much to see and it was so cheap I am going to write an article about it 🙂

  3. Really good pictures! I was in Germany two years ago doing the “Deutsche-maerchenstrasse” and I loved how modernity blends with the medieval in the towns and villages. I’m writing several posts in my blog about this route in Germany but I can’t capture the essence as well as you do in your pictures. Really good work!

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