Shooting in Dunwoody – last autumn

Last autumn I did a shooting with Sarah-Ann close to Dunwoody. For some reason I completely forgot to publish the blog post about the shooting and it has been simmering in my drafts folder until today.

So here it is. Frankly speaking, I forgot most of the specifics of the shooting in terms of lighting etc. The shooting was with Sarah-Ann in Dunwoody in some ‘park’ – though, in the end, it was just some lawn. I remember that I used two lights and we started quite early but, even then, the sunlight was already very harsh and even synching at 1/250s I had to shoot at f/9 putting quite some strain on the lights. You can see that in the accentuation of the grass. Color signatures is pretty much Kodak Ektachrome-ish with a minor reduction in contrast to preserve color reproduction.

While I am trying to stay away from the gear craziness, here are the general shooting parameters to give you an idea of the setup.

Lens: 150mm
Exposure: 1/250s f/9 at ISO 100
Lights: Two alien bees close to full power

Enjoy your sunday — TSJ.

PS: Due to numerous complaints about the galleries – here without.



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