Villa Rica – Friday exploration


Last Friday, I went for a small road trip to get a different photographic perspective together with Will. He will be moving soon to Europe so that we planned for a few more photography trips before he leaves. Today we went to Villa Rica about 40 mins west of Atlanta.

To cut to the chase, we were only medium successful. Early in the afternoon it started to rain like crazy cutting our trip short. Originally, I had planned to continue to Bremen, GA just because it has this German name and to see whether there is any German influence (apart from the name) left.

The first shot below is a double-exposure taken on the way out of the city.


We read the Wikipedia entry about Villa Rica, which is opening with

Villa Rica /ˌvɪləˈrɪkə/ is a city in Carroll and Douglas counties in the U.S. state of Georgia. The population was 4,134 at the 2000 census. By the 2010 census, the population had grown to 13,956, an increase of approximately 238%.

So when we arrived in Villa Rica, we were quite surprised to see how small it actually was. In fact, it was tiny.


Having learned from our Tucker experience last year, we fired up Yelp and went to the most highly ranked place for a quick lunch. We ended up in Evan’s BBW Company, felt a bit out of place, but had a great lunch.


Yeah, food photography – shoot me before it is too late. In my defense, the light inside the place with its huge windows was just amazing (see the shot from above).


Another double-exposure. This stuff can be quite addictive…


After lunch, we walked a bit around, trying to find some inspiration. Not so easy…




Soon after, it turned super dark and and started to rain heavily – leading actually to some of the more interesting shots. The light turned super interesting coming from a low angle, contrasted by the virtually black sky.





Have a great weekend — TSJ.

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