Colors of Atlanta: Belt line colors


A few days ago I had some time walking the belt line from Piedmont Park down to the other end in the south. The belt line is one of Atlanta’s big game changers – not only for what it is now but in particular for its potential down the road. Today I want to show you guys a bit ot the colors on and around the belt line.

Below is a map of the belt line: the red line running from the north to the south. The shot from above was taken in the north of the belt line, marked by A.


Around Ponce de Leon, the yellow street running from left to right, there is quite some development going on with lots of new residential space and the Poncey City Market. The shot below was taken on the belt line towards C.


The next two shots are taken at D and G respectively – the dancing goats coffee shop – and I can park right in front of the door πŸ™‚ Actually I am walking usually as it is so close: less than 2 minutes. Unfortunately, they close early (around 6pm I think) and the place is not well suited for work or business meetings (no tables) so that I find myself going more and more often to Parish at B further down the belt line. They have some great space to hang out, you get food and drinks (also beyond the coffee regime), and you can easily meet nice people as the space is more intimate.



Another great place to check out is E: Paris on Ponce. A very cool antique store with amazing stuff. They also put some nice colors on their building to lure in the casual belt line visitor.


I was intrigued by this one: a chair, outside, in front of an orange wall. Why? I don’t know!


That’s how it looks on the inside. Truly inspiring – you can also rent the space for photo shootings… I guess I found a new location to try out soon.


The other entrance of the place not facing the belt line.


The next shot was taken at F. There is a small park, the Masquerade, some new real estate developments… and apparently parents that abuse their kid’s toys…


The Masquerade – has been there forever and probably with the recent developments in the area it is a prime location: quite a turn around I would guess…


The last one for today – right opposite of the old phone factory where the food trucks/stands where before. Now it is closed and probably it will become an entrance to the belt line from the Poncey City Market.


Thanks for stopping by — TSJ.


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