Colors of Atlanta: Inman Park


Today I want to give you guys a very brief impression of Inman Park, another neighborhood that is accessible from the belt line. I like this area quite a bit because it is a very mixed area with lots of different people of different approaches, walks of life, income levels, etc: a very diverse neighborhood.

Inman Park has a lot to offer, both, in terms of architecture and entertainment. It has a few nice coffee shops, a (the!) king of pops store, restaurants and bars – and a cool neighborhood festival. From wikipedia:

Inman Park contains Atlanta’s best collection of residential architecture from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Styles include Queen Anne, high-style Italianate and Romanesque mansion as well as smaller bungalows, shotguns, and foursquares. Inman Park was Atlanta’s first example of a garden suburb, with great attention paid to street layout, parks and other public space, and would inspire other Atlanta garden suburbs such as the Frederick Law Olmsted-designed Druid Hills.

Below you can see the Inman Park neigborhood, south-east-ish from the belt line (the green curve on the left).

On my way to Inman Park I passed by a group of people doing yoga on the lawn next to the skate park – you can see the skate park in the background.


Neaty aligned gas pipes with an #ibelieveinatlanta sticker. I am an absolute sucker for these raw utility elements, such as power lines and gas pipes stacked on top of residential infrastructure. It is as if they have been attached as a life support system.


Red brick stones. Lots of those. Many of the older builidings, such as factories and warehouses are made out of red bricks giving a very unique look.


A very cool pizza place with a nice atmosphere: fritti. Part of the restaurant is in something like a huge garage with large windows leading to amazing changes of light and the walls are full with colorful graffiti.


The patio area of the Kevin Rathbun steakhouse at the (current) south end of the belt line close to Krog St.


The last shot is actually not from Inman Park but the area around it – I took it on the way walk on my way back when going to Octane in Grant Park, which is further south.


Thanks for stopping by — TSJ.

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