Film Diaries: weekend meditation


A few days ago I got a roll of film back that I shot on a photo walk with Greg back in May. Shooting film is and always will be special for me – for whatever reason that is.

We walked down the Belt Line through the surrounding neighborhoods as I had just moved there and I was somewhat new to the area – by now I would say that I have explored it sufficiently for now…

I shot a roll of Ektar 100 rated at ISO 25, i.e., it was about 2 stops overexposed resulting in that smooth pastel-ish rendering of the tones. The pictures above and below are two of my favorites. The sofa is so surreal, right outside, and obviously run down. The one below is taken at the King of Pops location close to the Belt Line. I just love their cheesy rainbow umbrella that reminds me very much of these old school ice cream advertisements.


Paris on Ponce is a very cool antique shop on Ponce de Leon – though a bit on the pricey side. But they have really cool stuff. I like the way the film rendered the orange against the blue sky.


Warehouse atmosphere in Inman Park.


A couple taking some long exposure shots of the setting sun – you can see some of the haze on the left.


Taken at Parish while cooling down with Greg, getting high on Mexican coke with real sugar…


Belt Line “art”.


Shoes hanging down from the power lines at Two Urban Licks. Shoe tossing is quite popular here.


I am in the process of scanning several more rolls – I have been scanning like a maniac over the last few weeks – but it takes time…

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend — TSJ.

8 thoughts on “Film Diaries: weekend meditation

      • Cool! I have been willing to shoot film for awhile – I have an old simple 35mm I wanted to put to work.
        Have you ever did a post about scanning?

      • no I haven’t done a post on scanning yet but it is on my list – I might actually move it up on my list 😉 scanning is actually not too hard… Go out and shoot some rolls of film. It really rocks!

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