Film Diaries: 4th July etc.


I just got a roll back that I shot on the 4th of July weekend. That one is quite diverse ranging from some mundane shots to some serious 4th of July action.

Life has been good this summer and I went through several rolls of film, so there will be more coming soon – scanning really is the bottleneck here.

Also, in my quest against gear mania, I set up a magazine on flipboard focusing on the photo in photography, collecting interesting articles and work of photographers around the world. No reviews, no gear talk, etc… So if you are looking for some inspiration that goes beyond which next camera to buy, you might want to check it out.

Enjoy your weekend — TSJ.

The first one some of you might recognize. That’s right at the Ponce City Market, where Dancing Goats is located. I love the strong colors on the wall and I shot Ektar, which is quite saturated, supporting the impression.


Getting ready for the grand opening, slowly but surely. The Poncey City Market is surrounded by security guards protecting the premises from curious explorers.


Out of juice…


On one of the days I met up with Greg and a friend of his and we walked the area close to Piedmont Park. The red of the car is a bit crazy to the eye…



The W hotel close to Piedmont Park. They have a very cool outside elevator which is made of glass.


The Mayfair building opposite to the W.


King of Pops sold patriot pops on 4th of July – those rocked.


Sometimes I am really amazed what film can do for you – something like this would have been hard to pull of with a digital camera.


Abstract art in Marietta.


Most stores had some 4th of July things going on.


… and as you can imagine flags almost everywhere…


one of my favorites – shot in Marietta.


2 thoughts on “Film Diaries: 4th July etc.

  1. So these images where you get the inside of the car but also what’s reflecting on the car’s window is a film thing? Would it be hard to get it with a digital camera?

    • hmmm – hard to say. I guess you *could* get the same with digital as well. in the case of film the exposure latitude can help a lot, as you can set black and white points when scanning. In general, due to the nonlinear response of film (e.g., smooth highlight roll-off) can you essentially work with more complex lighting situations more easily.

      I should write a post about my scanning process maybe… 😉

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