Colors of Atlanta: Old Shell gas station


A few weeks ago on the way back from Helen to Atlanta, I passed by this very cool gas station. As you can see it is very run down with lots of character.

So naturally, you would think that the gas station would be abandoned but I went into the shop and bought a coke – I did not try to get gas though, but from all I saw probably you could fill up your car as well.

Just look at the shell sign below and how aged and bleached it is. It is almost white – no yellow left.


The next one is taken from the stairs of the shop towards the street. You can see that on the other side the shell sign is actually quite yellow still. I would say the difference is direct sun vs. indirect sun and pretty striking.


Check out the gallery below for more shots including some of abandoned cars at the gas station.

Thanks for stopping by — TSJ.

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