Film Diaries: Roswell + Eufaula + Marietta


Last week or so I got a roll of film back that I shot sometime back in June when driving around with stops in Marietta, Roswell, and Eufala. I dragged this roll out over a few trips shooting only very few frames at each location.

So here are some of my favorites from that roll. The first one above and the one below were taken in Roswell, where this old-timer was parked at some gas station. As you can see from the shots, this thing was amazing.


The one below was taken at Roswell Provisions, one of my favorite coffee shops in the Roswell area. I dig the french atmosphere and I used to hang out there regularly on Saturdays, decompressing from the week and letting sweet tranquility kick in. More recently, I frequent more coffee shops in the Atlanta area that I can reach by walking.


As you can see, their layout and style is rather European and is very close to the real french experience.


In the summer you can even sit outside and enjoy the lush colors.


A different outside place in Roswell right on Canton St., where I often stopped for lunch. They have an amazing outside seating area.


Stylish (if not antique) cooler in a bar in Eufaula.


More Eufaula impressions



And finally a shot from a very cool cinema in Marietta at Marietta Square.


Enjoy your weekend – TSJ.

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